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Find Us On Etsy

We have found that our designs and products are so varied we needed more stores. That’s right, we now have two stores on Etsy. We put one on Etsy for all of the gifts and designs made by the various artists in our co-op. But JR wanted more so she put together a special collection for pieces that are more elegant.

The store Wizard’s Touch Co-op offers an assortment of pieces put together by artists from the midwest area. Knowing our stable of artists in the future this store could anything from magic wands to wrought iron yard art.

If you are looking for more elegant pieces then you should go to Wizard’s Touch Studio. Here you will find unique pieces direct from JR’s studios. The variety here can go from jewelry boxes carved with weeping angels to stones mounted in sterling silver cast into organic shapes. Many of her Steampunk themed pieces can be found here too.

So while we are all stuck with self-quarantine, now is a great time to spend online shopping. As always, you can still find our Jamie Bridgham’s photography gallery and Idle Thoughts OnlineT-shirt shop ready with the beautiful and unusual.

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Black Friday Alternatives

After you’ve had your fun with the crowds on Black Friday, you may want a more relaxing shopping experience on Saturday. Try a visit to Gretna, Nebraska at the Gretna Middle School’s Dragon’s Closet Craft Fair. Wizards Touch Designs will be there along with around 80 other vendors from 9 AM to 4 PM. The middle school is located at 11706 S. 216th Street in Gretna.

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Look at the New Galleries

After having it on my to-do list for some time I have finally gotten around to the item that says “Organize Jamie’s photographs”. You have to realize she and I spend many weekend motor trips around the Midwest shooting scenery and events. So now – tens of terabytes of photos later – I have curated some new galleries up on

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Visit Our Booth at the Bow’tique

The holiday season is fast approaching and so is your first opportunity to shop the new products offered by Wizard’s Touch Designs.

Look for our booth in the classrooms at the St. Weneslaus Fall Bowtique on October 26, 2019 at 15353 Pacific Street in Omaha. J.R. and Mina will be there for the day from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Stop by and say hello. They’ll show you their latest bismuth jewelry, engraved boxes, etched copper bracelets and silver pendants.

In addition to Wizard’s Touch Designs, this annual Bow’tique has over 150 vendors featuring many handmade and unique items. Enjoy soups, sandwiches and pies from the Harvest Cafe.

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Releasing the Wizard’s Kraken

Wizards Touch Designs is more than jewelry and photos. With our new organization we are doing special requests and projects from many unusual sources. Recently we had one straight from Norse mythology.

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