Biographical Montages

We are each a collection of memories, that when layered together comprise the essence of who we are. A Biographical Montage is a perfect way to pay tribute to a life well lived. They tell a story in pictures of a person’s life, struggles, hobby, career or just a particular stage of their life. Each montage contains a collection of images using a layered effect of photographic compositing. In addition, a close focal plane promotes more visual and conceptual audience engagement.

Enjoy the montages below while reading the stories of the people they represent. If you have a loved one whose life you would like us to make into a montage, log-in to our site. Don’t have a user account with us? Go ahead and make one. Then in the user menu click Montage Quote. You will be asked to tell us about the person and give us a list of objects that represent them. We will answer by email with a quote.

Michael’s Portrait
As a “Baby Boomer” Michael grew up on the Mississippi river using it as his front yard, work place and playground. He served in the Air Force and has always been a solitary sort preferring the outdoors to being in a crowded function.

Content: Air Force Wings, Dog Tags, Gun Cylinder, Tug Boat, Fishing Boat ID, Bait, and Fish Nets, Plumber Tools.


Rosella Margaret’s Portrait
As child of “the Greatest Generation” Margaret lived through both World Wars and the Great Depression. She was a homemaker and as such was called upon to use what resources that were available responsibly which she did by re-­‐using plastic bags until they had holes in them, making quilts and children’s clothing from those worn out by adults. She also took great care to look after to her family’s other needs for food both of a physical and spiritual nature.

Content: Quilts, Cookie Jar, Old Plastic Bags, Personal Rosary, Baby christening gown from granddaughters wedding dress, and African Violets.

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