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California Dreamin’

Lighthouse on the point in Crescent City.

Lighthouse on the point in Crescent City.

The other day, JR was getting nostalgic about last year’s trip to northern California. So she pulled up some the pictures she took during the trip. While she was scrolling through them, she picked out several that she especially liked and decided to make them available on t-shirts and other accessories in our Wizard’s Touch Online Shop at CafePress.

Waves crash lazily on the beach in the Northern California Coastline.

Waves crash lazily on the beach in the Northern California Coastline.


The four new designs are California Dreaming, a view of the ocean and seagulls from a rocky beach, a picture of the lighthouse out on the point in Crescent City, from high up looking down on a stretch of the Northern California Coastline and fishing boats lined up in Fishermen’s Grotto in San Francisco bay.

Boats lined up in Fishermen's Grotto in San Francisco.

Boats lined up in Fishermen’s Grotto in San Francisco.

All of these designs come on a wide assortment of garments, mugs and bags. Just click on any of the links above to go directly to that design or look for the category Landscapes in our store.

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Visit Our Newest Online Shop

StoreOpeningYou may have seen JR wearing them and wondered about the unusual necklace pendants. Each one a different crystalline shape in hues of purple, blue and gold. If you asked, she explained how she made them using an unusual metal called bismuth.

Now you can buy a one-of-a-kind bismuth crystal pendant of your own. Jr has opened her own online store called the Wizard’s Gift Shop and these pendants are only the first of many different offerings. In addition to this unique jewelry, plans for future products are handmade figurines, her amazing photography on wood plaques, with many more surprises only an artist/maker could come up with.

Go and take a few moments to browse the Wizard’s Gift Shop. We’ve only started to stock the virtual shelves so as more items are brought into the store the new arrivals will be announced on our Facebook page.

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California Dreams

After spending a week in northern California and bringing back thousands of photos, JR has narrowed them down to a gallery of about a hundred of the best posted online for your enjoyment – and purchase if you like.

It was a whirlwind road trip originally just to take her mom to see the redwoods. From San Francisco to the northernmost edge of California and back, it became a never ending string of scenic landscapes and seascapes.

It started with a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. A stop along the way at a rustic inn provided the inspiration for seascapes with crashing waves on ancient waterworn rocks and an opportunity for some amazing seaside photography. Making special outings in the early morning and late evening, JR took photos using the special light that can only be found in sunshine reflected on the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Further up the coast, an oceanside town held more than she ever hoped for. Early morning photo excursions resulted in a jetty full of  noisy seals, a beach with the incoming tide swirling around a companion’s feet and a small lighthouse on an island only accessible at low tide.

Returning south using an inland route gave open vistas of forested valleys. The beautiful, misty look of these scenes was bittersweet because the mist was in many cases smoke from nearby forest fires.

Next came the unique grandeur of Yosemite. Nowhere else can you find the scale of trees hundreds of feet tall that are only dwarfed by nearby shear rock walls.

And lastly the city by the bay, where everyone leaves their heart, San Francisco. This is where JR got some great shots of the island of Alcatraz, the fishing fleet, and some very cooperative seagulls.

All of these and more are available at the Wizard’s Touch Designs Online Shop. Picture one of these amazing landscapes or seascapes on your wall. Large quality framed prints, stretched or traditional canvas are delivered ready to hang.

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Angel in the Mists

A montage portraying the vision of Ruth Ann Dodge in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The Black Angel in her vision offered her water that sparkled as diamonds

A montage portraying the vision of Ruth Ann Dodge in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The Black Angel in her vision offered her water that sparkled as diamonds

Ruth Ann Dodge was the wife of General Grenville M. Dodge, a Civil War veteran and the chief engineer of the Transcontinental Railroad.

In September of 1916 she had a vision of a young woman in a glistening white garment. The young woman carried a grecian urn filled with water that “glistened, glittered and sparkled like millions of diamonds.” The woman urged her to drink from it saying that it contained a blessing. But Ruth felt she was not ready to drink from it just yet.

Ruth had the vision three times. On the third occurrence of the vision, she drank from the water and died a few days later.

Her daughters commissioned Daniel Chester French to create the Black Angel statue to the strict criteria of their mother’s visions and he succeeded. It stands today near the entrance of Fairview Cemetery in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

This montage, available in our online store, highlights the mystery of the Black Angel statue by overlaying it with the beauty of the mists and sparkling closups of crystals and other materials.

More material about Iowa’s Black Angels can be found at http://www.prairieghosts.com/oakland.html.

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JR Wins Honorable Mention

JR’s piece, And the Crowd Goes Wild has won Honorable Mention at Metropolitan Community College Photo Club’s show A Certain Light being held at Hot Shops Nicholas Street Gallery now through March 29. The silver prints as a diptych, which is two prints in the same frame, are multiple exposures of the crowds from a Nebraska Huskers game in 2014.

Two other pieces that were accepted in the juried show were Family Garden, which is a lumen using objects set directly on light sensitive material then set out in the sun, and Ghost Walk which is an archival pigment print.


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The Magik Apple

Mortar and pestle, candle and potion combine to create a spell of fantasy and wonder.

Ancient stone walls echo with voices of the long-dead. Moisture condenses on every surface and is heard dripping unseen in the distance. Candle flames dance with each cold draft that sweeps through the room. The evil queen begins to mutter incantations as the growing mist from her potion enfolds her. Powerful forces from the other side are building in the bright red fruit in front of her. A glamour spell will disguise the queen as she delivers the apple that will carry the curse of eternal sleep to the beautiful princess.

Let your fairy tale imagination run wild with this studio photo of the tools of spell work. Mortar and pestle, candle and potion combine to create a spell of fantasy and wonder. To purchase this design click on the picture or for some other versions of the same subject go to the studio still life gallery in our online store.


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