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The Magik Apple

Mortar and pestle, candle and potion combine to create a spell of fantasy and wonder.

Ancient stone walls echo with voices of the long-dead. Moisture condenses on every surface and is heard dripping unseen in the distance. Candle flames dance with each cold draft that sweeps through the room. The evil queen begins to mutter incantations as the growing mist from her potion enfolds her. Powerful forces from the other side are building in the bright red fruit in front of her. A glamour spell will disguise the queen as she delivers the apple that will carry the curse of eternal sleep to the beautiful princess.

Let your fairy tale imagination run wild with this studio photo of the tools of spell work. Mortar and pestle, candle and potion combine to create a spell of fantasy and wonder. To purchase this design click on the picture or for some other versions of the same subject go to the studio still life gallery in our online store.


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The Piano Man

Piano bar

“Sing us a song, you’re the piano man.” Click on the photo to go to this item in our online store.

“It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday, the regular crowd shuffles in…” So starts The Piano Man, the classic song by Billy Joel. The song is the inspiration for this mood-filled studio photo by JR.

From a day when smoking and drinking were constant bar companions, the late evening shading and brick wall reflection of this scene are reminiscent of the typical piano bar.

As a canvas wrapped wall hanging, or poster this photo would bring a feeling of sophistication to anywhere from a quiet lounge to a man cave. It’s even available on a set of coasters. You can find this photo here in our online store or just click on the picture above.

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Facing Challenges for the Perfect Shot

Any artist knows that they will do almost anything for their art. For photographers like JR that means literally going out on a limb or climbing a rock face to get that perfect shot. The real danger comes when the photographer spends more time watching their subject than their own surroundings as JR found out during a trip to Colorado.

Rams standing on a rocky outcrop.

JR was driving through the Rocky Mountains with her uncle. He lives in the area and was giving her the grand tour. They are both photographers so they were constantly on the look out for the outstanding wildlife and landscape shots that the Rockies are famous for.

Suddenly JR shouts “Stop!” Above them on the side of the mountain, two rams are posing on a rock outcropping. So JR’s uncle pulls over and stops as quietly as he can. What neither of them noticed was that the passenger side of the car was at the very edge of the road with nothing but a fifty foot drop below.  As JR got out of the car she realized that her feet were not touching the ground. With the help of her uncle, JR managed to barely escape back into the car without falling to the rocks below.

The entire time that JR was fighting for her life the rams just stood there and watched the stupid humans. I’m sure they were as entertained as any tourist in the area. Finally JR managed to get to safe footing and snapped several pictures of the rams before they leaped away. After the episode was over JR’s uncle admitted that the only thing he could think of was trying to figure out how he was gonna tell JR’s husband what happened.

If you know someone who is a fan of the outdoors this photo from the Colorado Rocky Mountains would make a terrific addition to their decor. Its available in everything from poster prints, canvas wrapped wall art to mouse pads and refrigerator magnets. Just click on the photo to go directly to that item in our online shop.

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Quit Monkeying Around For Gift Ideas

This is dinner?

So mom, it’s late, you just get home from work, you’re tired and you don’t feel like cooking. Then someone asks that question you hear every night, “What’s for dinner?” Wouldn’t you love to just throw some raw carrots in front of them and say, bon appétit. We know you’re a good mom and you would never do that but now you can show someone what could happen if you ever hear that question again.

This photo, taken of one of the gorillas at Omaha Nebraska’s Henry Doorly Zoo at feeding time, is titled This is dinner? You can tell from the disappointed look on the monkey’s face he was expecting a little more than just a handful of carrots.

If you’re looking for a different sort of gift for the family member who seems to always be hungry, give them a gift with this unusual gorilla picture. It comes on a variety of shirts, hats, drink ware, magnets and posters. This framed print is perfect for the executive office.

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Summer Blooms For A Winter Day

This lily close-up is available for sale in our online gallery.

Most of the country is covered in snow or at least a lot colder than normal for this time of year. So what better time to think with fond remembrances of the flowers of summer.

Our gallery, Summer’s Blooms, is a collection of photos taken in JR’s backyard garden and has a wide variety of flowers including lilies, passion flowers and more, all with a unique close-up perspective that will introduce you a new beauty of the blossoms shown there.

The Castor plant has a strange foreign beauty in this close-up found in our gallery.

All of the photos in the gallery are available in a range of sizes and formats from print to poster, canvas wall hangings, and even mugs, magnets, and mouse pads in our online shop hosted by Smugmug.

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A Storm for the Season

Lake Tahoe, Nevada on a cold, stormy afternoon.

The seasons are changing and for many of us not in a good way. If you are like me, you are not looking forward to the cold days ahead. On the other hand maybe you like cold and cloudy; the days that show how nature is beautiful even in her stormiest forms.

This photo taken on a cold, stormy afternoon at Lake Tahoe, Nevada is one of my favorites. It portrays the feeling of that day.

Prints of this photo are available in our online store. This photo would make a great gift for someone who enjoys the beauty of the season.

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The Veil Between Worlds Becomes Thinner

Reflection of the general and his wife in the window of his old administrative building.This is the time of year when we see ghosts walk the land. Dark images flash in the corner of your eye. Reflections in windows seem to take on a life of their own. Scenes from the past return to life for a moment and then disappear just as quickly.

As part of her montages of history series, JR has created this ghostly reflection of a civil War officer and his lovely young wife in an old window of the administration building. Fall leaves displayed around the window make this a perfect autumn print. Find this and more at http://shop.wizardstouchdesigns.com

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Cemetery Spooks For Your Halloween

So what are the popular Halloween costume choices this year. Probably the same old zombies, super heroes, or maybe the scariest of all – a politician. Well, don’t limit your Halloween possibilities this year. Accessorize with something from our cemetery photography designs.

Our online gifts store has a wide range of angels, crosses, and tombstone monument photography available in our Haunts section. Available on T-shirts, mugs and assorted housewares, these designs are from a variety of cemeteries and other spooky locations around the midwest. Here are some examples of the photography we have there. Click on any of the pictures for a link that will take you directly to that section.

We’re sure you will like the designs you find in our store. And as long as you’re there remember to click the Like button on the your favorite items.

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Husker Football Reminder


Nebraska Husker Legacy Statue

It’s fall which means it’s college football time. Like almost everyone in our area this side of the Missouri, we are die-hard Nebraska Husker fans.

Several years ago we put up some designs featuring the Nebraska Legacy Statue that stands outside Memorial Stadium in Lincoln Nebraska. This was around the time that Bo Pelini had just begun and “Restore the Order” was the chant. We just want to remind you that these designs are still avaialble at our t-shirt and gift store.

While you’re there take another look at our photographic designs featuring domestic and wild animals, flowers and other creatures from the garden. Even if you can’t buy something right now be sure to click the ‘Like’ button on anything that strikes your fancy. This helps us keep the designs you enjoy featured in our store.

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It’s Easy to Buy Our Photos Online

Sometimes shopping online can be fun but other times it gets complicated. Especially when buying photo prints there are a lot of options like sizing and cropping that add an extra couple of steps during the buying process.

Here is a 5 minute video produced by Smugmug, the folks that host our online photography print store, that will show you  the simple steps needed to buy prints in the store. On our store’s front page you can find a longer version of this video that goes into some of the other options.

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